Prime Minister’s address started by mentioning videos and reports surfaced from around the country have been disturbing; later today the Prime Minister will speak to cabinet and the RCMP Commissioner to ensure each individual case is investigated properly

Today’s announcements were:
o One-time, non-taxable payment of up to $600 for Canadians with disabilities
o New investment of $15 million in 2020-21 to community organizations with resources to
improve workplace accessibility and access to jobs in response to COVID-19
o $1.18 million for five new projects through the Accessible Technology Program
o 60 new initiatives for nature conservation throughout the country, half of which will be led by Indigenous people to support local economies and create jobs
 Wage Subsidy Program has been extended over the next month

With economies re-opening, 1.2 million Canadians no longer need the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

 Yesterday, at the 12th First Minister’s Meeting, the Prime Minister announced $14 billion (through the Safe Re-start Agreement) for provinces and territories over the next 6-8 months to specifically fund:
o More PPE (for first responders and businesses)
o Support for municipalities for transit and community programs
o Child care
o Seniors’ support
o Sick pay for those without benefits


The Premier began his address by acknowledging the toll the pandemic is having on people, families and economy, and the need for the Federal government to help all Provinces
 Impact on Ontario could total $23 billion – there’s a massive need in Ontario
 Today’s announcement from the Prime Minister must be the start, not the end of a conversation
 $14 billion for the whole country is a good start, but it won’t solve the problem
 We need that contribution for critical investments and we need the flexibility to fund our most-pressing immediate priorities because every Province has their own needs
 We need a sustained long-term commitment – frontline health care workers, municipalities and Long-Term Care Homes are counting on it
 Stage 2 will not begin immediately – but next week we will start to release Stage 2 details so people and business owners can have time to prepare
 Premier ended by saying tomorrow is V-Day and Sunday is Canadian Armed Forces Day and expressed thanks to all veterans


· In today’s video, Dr. Kurji speaks to COVID-19 prevalence in the underground economy, how mobile testing is being investigated and how data epidemiological dashboard shows various virus acquisition sources and the status of cases by municipalities

· WHO updates its guidance recommending governments now ask everyone to wear fabric face masks in public

· Long-term care exec out of job after Woodbridge families overhear ‘derogatory’ remarks in online call

· While at home, the Region shares some tips to celebrate World Environment Day

· York Link continues to add new events to their #COVID19 calendar from trusted sources

York Regional Police Association donates $50,000 to local food banks

Toronto Raptors superfan joins in drive to donate 273 meals to Vaughan group homes

Below is a summary of the detailed information contained in the Interactive Dashboard found at

2,602 total confirmed cases 23 new cases* since yesterday50 confirmed cases in hospital, 18 of which are in Intensive Care322 cases among health care workers, of which 278 cases have resolved*1 new fatality218 total confirmed fatalities 1,922 resolved cases17 institutional outbreaks under COVID-19 protocols: 7 Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes 9 Community Care Settings 0 Hospital 0 Child Care Centre1 Emergency Housing 48 institutional outbreaks declared over

*Data quality is an ongoing process and may result in the more/less cases reported on a day-over-day basis or other changes to how cases are classified (e.g., municipality, acquisition, etc.). These data quality activities have also resulted in the re-categorization of individuals. Data quality activities do not increase or decrease total case counts.

NEW: All dashboard data, including case demographics and institutional outbreaks (including the number of resident and health care worker positive cases) can be found by clicking on the “COVID-19 in York Region” box, or for quick reference, is available here. The data can still be filtered by municipality.

29,747 total cases (23,583 resolved); with 2,372 related fatalities in Ontario 94,070 total cases (629 increase in last 24 hours); with 7,652 related fatalities in Canada (109 new in the last 24 hours)

· Over 6.53 million total cases worldwide with cases in 216 countries, areas or territories; 387,155 related fatalities reported to WHO


No new cases reported today in King!