Prime Minister Trudeau began his address by spotlighting Big Rig Brewery as an example of a Canadian business that has adapted their operations to bottle hand sanitizer for local charitable organizations
 Big Rig Brewery was also used as an example of the thousands of Canadian businesses using the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) to hire back almost all staff
 The Prime Minister announced effective today the Canadian Business Emergency Account is available through all major financial institutions
 On June 25, the Prime Minister hosted the weekly First Ministers Call; discussion focused on the government’s proposed $14 billion investment in the provincial response to COVID-19
o Funding is intended to meet the most urgent needs in the provinces and territories,
including safety of children in child care, expedited contact tracing and the purchasing of PPE
 Announced over the next few weeks the operations in Quebec long-term care facilities will transfer from the Canadian Armed Forces to the Canadian Red Cross
o Canadian Red Cross will be deploying 150 people to LTC facilities by July 6, with an
additional 750 deployed by July 29
o The transferring of operations will allow the armed forces to return to regular operations
 Prime Minister Trudeau concluded his remarks by recognizing Pride is traditionally celebrated during the coming weekend and acknowledged more needs to be done to improve rights and equality for the LGBTQ2 community


Premier Ford began his announcement acknowledging the decisive action the government took early on to protect Ontario’s seniors
 The province has invested $11 million to help community organizations assist seniors in isolation
 Premier Ford acknowledged the recent measures taken after public health trends improved were implemented to bring people together again and help combat social isolation
 The government is investing an additional $4 million to further support organizations helping seniors in their communities
 The investment will focus on combating social isolation, promoting senior safety and improving financial security


· For Friday, June 26, York Region recorded no new fatalities and no changes to current or resolved outbreaks

· On Thursday, June 25, Dr. Kurji met with the Provincial Rapid Response Table where the new case management system was presented

· York Region will be one of 10 early adopters of on the new case management system

· York Region has been proactively inspecting farms with migrant workers

· Good cooperation from farms and encouraging findings in regard to following public health measures

· York Region has received an increase in calls to Health Connection related to personal service providers (nail salons, hairdressers) not following public health measures

· York Region Health Protection will be on-site at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre on Saturday, June 27 to provide education on public health measures

· Ontario places order for 11 million face shields with Vaughan company


Below is a summary of the detailed information contained in the Interactive Dashboard – Cases at As of June 26, at 5 p.m. there are:

2,936 total confirmed cases 15 new cases* since yesterday34 confirmed cases in hospital, 14 of which are in Intensive Care341 cases among health care workers, of which 310 cases have resolved*0 new fatalities 242 total confirmed fatalities 2,369 resolved cases4 institutional outbreaks under COVID-19 protocols: 3 Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes 1 Community Care Settings 0 Hospital 0 Child Care Centre0 Emergency Housing 62 institutional outbreaks declared over

*Data quality is an ongoing process and may result in the more/less cases reported on a day-over-day basis or other changes to how cases are classified (e.g., municipality, acquisition, etc.). These data quality activities have also resulted in the re-categorization of individuals. Data quality activities do not increase or decrease total case counts.

All dashboard data, including workplace outbreaks, case demographics and institutional outbreaks (including the number of resident and health care worker positive cases), can be found by clicking on the “COVID-19 in York Region” box, or for quick reference, is available here. The data can still be filtered by municipality.


As of this morning, there are:

Over 9.4 million total cases worldwide with cases in 216 countries, areas or territories; 484,249 related fatalities reported to WHO102,622 total cases (380 new); with 8,504 related fatalities in Canada (20 new); 65,658 resolved in Canada 34.016 total cases (200 new); with 2,644 related fatalities; 29,754 resolved in Ontario


1 new case reported today, that brings our total to 44 confirmed; 33 resolved, sadly 3 deaths and 8 active.