• Prime Minister Trudeau did not address the media between Saturday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 8, 2020



  • The Ontario Government today announced it will pause any further steps in its re-opening plan for four weeks, as daily COVID-19 cases counts continue to rise in the province



  • On Friday, September 4, 2020, York Region issued a public notice for one confirmed case of COVID-19 on a YRT/Viva bus
  • On Friday, September 4, 2020 York Region issued a public notice for 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Miracle Arena for All Nations
  • On Saturday, September 5, 2020, a public notice was released for 11 confirmed York Region COVID-19 cases related to a large wedding in York Region; the public notice was updated on Sunday, September 6, 2020 to include 23 confirmed cases across three jurisdictions
  • York Region continues to work with local boards on the safe re-opening of schools, and providing updated information and resources available at



Below is a summary of the detailed information contained in the Interactive Dashboard – Cases at As of September 8, 2020 at 5 p.m. there are:

3,573 total confirmed cases 10 new cases* since yesterday, 12 confirmed cases in hospital, 2 of which are in Intensive Care393 cases among health care workers, of which 391 cases have resolved*No new fatalities253 total confirmed fatalities 3,189 resolved cases2 institutional outbreaks under COVID-19 protocols 1 Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes 1 Community Care Settings 0 Hospital 0 Child Care Centre0 Emergency Housing 75 institutional outbreaks declared over

*Data quality is an ongoing process and may result in the more/less cases reported on a day-over-day basis or other changes to how cases are classified (e.g., municipality, acquisition, etc.). These data quality activities have also resulted in the re-categorization of individuals. Data quality activities do not increase or decrease total case counts.



As of this morning, there are:

More than 27.2 million total cases worldwide (203,897 new) with cases in 216 countries, area or territories; 891,031 related fatalities reported by the World Health Organization (WHO)132,142 total cases (247 new); with 9,146 related fatalities in Canada (1 new); 116,459 resolved in Canada (as of September 7, 7 p.m.)

  • 43,536 total cases (185 new); with 2,813 related fatalities; 39,196 resolved in Ontario 


Unfortunately, we have 1 new active case