The Prime Minister began his remarks by expressing his unhappiness with the Conservativesfor blocking debate on a proposed Bill yesterday that would help persons with disabilities
 Highlighted efforts to help employers and employees and noted various benefit programs
 Encouraged employers to use the wage subsidy program
 Announced partnership with Business Council of Canada to support its POST Promise Program
o Businesses commit to five public health measures to help stop the spread of the virus
o Business owners encouraged to participate by visiting
 Announced $133 million to support Indigenous businesses
o $117 million to support small, community-owned businesses
o $16 million to support businesses in the tourism industry
 Minister McKenna is publicly releasing today the amounts of funding that will be available for communities
o Money has already been delivered to the Provinces
o Distribution to cities and towns can happen as soon as possible


The Premier began his address by speaking to the difficult decision the province made in March to restrict visitors (to essential visits only) in long-term care (LTC), retirement homes and other residential care settings in order to save countless lives and protect many homes from COVID-19 outbreaks
 Today’s announcement is about a cautious re-start of visits to long-term care and retirement homes and congregate settings not in outbreak, starting as early as Thursday, June 18


· York Regional Council held 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence today in memory of George Floyd

· Tool released for people needing information on roles and responsibilities of care

· Get in, get out: New COVID-19 policies for farmers’ markets in York Region

· Following Brampton and Missisauga, face coverings to be made mandatory for TTC riders as of July 2

· TTC to give out one million non-medical masks to transit users, focusing on low-income and marginalized communities

· Toronto preparing camps, beaches, splash pads and pools for re-opening when city enters Stage 2

· Potential COVID-19 vaccine to be tested on 30,000 U.S. volunteers

Below is a summary of the detailed information contained in the Interactive Dashboard – Cases at // As of June 11, at 5 p.m. there are:

2,045 total confirmed cases 22 new cases* since yesterday59 confirmed cases in hospital, 19 of which are in Intensive Care330 cases among health care workers, of which 288 cases have resolved*0 new fatalities225 total confirmed fatalities 2,045 resolved cases9 institutional outbreaks under COVID-19 protocols: 4 Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes 5 Community Care Settings 0 Hospital 0 Child Care Centre0 Emergency Housing 56 institutional outbreaks declared over

*Data quality is an ongoing process and may result in the more/less cases reported on a day-over-day basis or other changes to how cases are classified (e.g., municipality, acquisition, etc.). These data quality activities have also resulted in the re-categorization of individuals. Data quality activities do not increase or decrease total case counts.

All dashboard data, including case demographics and institutional outbreaks (including the number of resident and health care worker positive cases), can be found by clicking on the “COVID-19 in York Region” box, or for quick reference, is available here. The data can still be filtered by municipality.

31,544 total cases (25,885 resolved); with 2,487 related fatalities in Ontario 97,125 total cases (472 increase in last 24 hours); with 7,960 related fatalities in Canada (63 new in the last 24 hours)Over 7.27 million total cases (105,621 new); with 413,372 related fatalities globally

1 new case reported today.