Fighting COVID-19 has always been a Team Canada effort
• Federal government has been working with provincial and territorial partners to outline what needs to be done in the next six to eight months to safely restart the economy
• Good news today, federal government will invest over $19 billion to ensure provinces and territories have the help they need to protect the health of Canadians, help people get back to work safely and prepare for a potential second wave of COVID-19
• Safe Restart Agreement focuses on supporting seven priority areas:
o Increased testing, contact tracing and collecting public health data
o Securing more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
o More support for the vulnerable population including for seniors, long-term care facilities
and nursing homes
o Safe child care spaces
o Providing 10 days of paid sick leave for employees who don’t already have it
o Funds for municipalities to cover operational costs
o Funds for public transit
• Investments in the municipalities and transit will be shared equally between the federal and provincial governments
• Canada-U.S. border closure has been extended by one month until August 21, 2020
• As we prepare for recovery, all levels of government know we must continue to work together


Premier Ford began his announcement acknowledging the agreement between the federal government and the provinces that will see almost $20 billion in COVID-19 relief funding flow to the provinces and municipalities; Ontario is expected to receive approximately $7 billion
• Acknowledged this is a great deal for Canada and Ontario and indicated how it proves what Canada can accomplish when standing together
• The deal will see billions of dollars flow to provinces to support municipalities, transit systems, health care systems, expansion of testing and contact tracing, stockpiling of PPE and mental health supports
• Premier Ford gave his thanks to all Ontario mayors and a special thanks to City of Toronto Mayor John Tory for all his support during negotiations
• Premier also gave thanks to all Ontario farmers who have risen to the occasion during COVID-19 to keep food on the table, and announced the government will be investing $50 million annually into an agriculture Risk Management Program


· For Thursday, July 16, 2020, York Region recorded no new fatalities and no changes to current of resolved outbreaks

· Council Update is being issued today to provide timely information on the federal-provincial Safe Restart Agreement announced by Prime Minister Trudeau this afternoon

· Chairman Emmerson has released a statement acknowledging the funding for municipalities and transit in the Safe Restart Agreement; statement will be shared on social media channels later this evening

· In lieu of an in-person update to the media, Dr. Howard Njoo issued a statement on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada

Positive news around our region:

· Toronto Blue Jays cleared to play home games in Toronto


Below is a summary of the detailed information contained in the Interactive Dashboard – Cases at // As of July 16, 2020, at 5 p.m. there are:

3,189 total confirmed cases 11 new cases* since yesterday, 22 confirmed cases in hospital, 9 of which are in Intensive Care352 cases among health care workers, of which 326 cases have resolved*0 new fatalities249 total confirmed fatalities 2,658 resolved cases0 institutional outbreaks under COVID-19 protocols66 institutional outbreaks declared over

*Data quality is an ongoing process and may result in the more/less cases reported on a day-over-day basis or other changes to how cases are classified (e.g., municipality, acquisition, etc.). These data quality activities have also resulted in the re-categorization of individuals. Data quality activities do not increase or decrease total case counts.

All dashboard data, including workplace outbreaks, case demographics and institutional outbreaks (including the number of resident and health care worker positive cases), can be found by clicking on the “COVID-19 in York Region” box, or for quick reference, is available here. The data can still be filtered by municipality.


As of this morning, there are:

More than 13.3 million total cases worldwide (226,181 new) with cases in 216 countries, area or territories; 580,045 related fatalities reported by the World Health Organization (WHO)108,829 total cases (343 new); with 8,810 related fatalities in Canada (12 new); 72, 782 resolved in Canada (as of July 15, 7:45 p.m.)

· 37,163 total cases (111 new); with 2,737 related fatalities; 33,061 resolved in Ontario


NO new cases reported today.